If you thought it’s only children from penurious family backgrounds who have their career exploits determined and imposed on them by parents with the hope of alleviating the family from poverty quagmire, then you are off beam.

Atwoli Maria, one of the 17 biological children of Francis Atwoli, a revered trade unionist whose influence traverses the labour, political and social circles of Kenya has just disclosed how her passion to join the creative industry as a musician was frustrated by her dad.

According to the young and irresistible beauty who graduated with a law degree from an ivy league university early this year, she had a strong inclination to the creative industry at a very young age where she would sing with a very nice voice to the amazement of many.

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She however notes that her father acknowledged the talent in her but was keen to see her pursuing a career in law which definitely came to materialize while the ‘singing’ in her vanished never to be heard again.

” My dad hearing me sing everytime and saying ‘sauti ni mzuri lakini sitaki aimbe’ I gave up on that fight when I was a teenager…Wakili Tu!….” Atwoli Maria disclosed.

The daughter of the wealthy trade unionist now joins a long list of many Kenyans who had their inmost aspirations dimed by their parents in favour of career paths that are largely believed to be more lucrative and dignified.

A section of her fans however agreed with the trade unionist’s stand on grounds that music career has a short shelf life unlike law which can be practiced for so many years since it’s more of a cognitive task than physical or affected by demographic variations.

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