Ruto’s 5Million Luxury Watch

President William Ruto has been making significant strides on the diplomatic front, evident from his recent engagements.

Following his return from a productive two-day visit to Mozambique, he wasted no time and immediately delved into a series of crucial meetings before jetting out to Uganda, where he engaged in discussions with President Yoweri Museveni.

While some were left  intrigued by the President’s swift back-to-back trips  and seemingly tireless energy, a substantial portion of Kenyans found themselves captivated by his fashion sense.

A collage of Lange 1 Moon Phase in 18-carat white gold, Lange 1 Moon Phase in 18-carat pink gold, and Lange 1 Moon Phase in 950 platinumPHOTO A. LANGE & SÖHNE

On Sunday, President Ruto donned a distinguished blue Kaunda Suit, which caught the eye of many. However, it was his choice of wristwear that truly stole the spotlight – an exquisite A Lange 1 Moon Phase watch.

The accessory, delicately adorning his wrist, did not go unnoticed. The A Lange 1 Moon Phase watch is renowned for its craftsmanship. Its price range varies from Ksh5 million (USD 36,000) to Ksh12 million (USD 88,500), depending on the specific features and specifications.

A standout feature of this accessory is its exquisite design—a captivating moon motif accompanied by a day and night indicator that transitions between different times of the day. The moon is further adorned by gold stars that twinkle beside it, adding a touch of affluent allure.

Additionally, the watch comes manual winding capability and a 72-hour power reserve, enabling the owner to embrace their daily activities without any interruptions caused by a drained battery.

Crafted with the utmost attention to detail, the watch’s alligator leather straps exude opulent charm. This choice of leather not only adds a touch of elegance but also reflects the manufacturer’s use of premium materials 

, contributing to the watch’s elevated price point.

Another notable facet of this watch is the outsize date feature, which presents the date in a format that boasts digits approximately three times larger than those found on other watches of comparable quality.

The date is indicated in a gold frame that makes the numerals more legible. Swift advancement is facilitated by a rapid-correction pusher.

The watch comes in three models, Lange 1 Moon Phase in 950 platinum, Lange 1 Moon Phase in 18-carat pink gold, and Lange 1 Moon Phase in 18-carat white gold.

A. Lange & Söhne, the manufacturer, develops, crafts, finishes, and assembles all its timepieces in their factory in Glashütte, Germany.

“The LANGE 1 is the result of a courageous fresh start. The exceptional combination of tradition and innovation transformed it into the epitome of Lange watchmaking artistry, and, soon after its debut, it became an award-winning icon in the realm of high-end mechanical time-keeping instruments,” the manufacturer says in its website.

Politicians and other leaders have often flaunted luxury items online from watches to cars and shoes that have left many Kenyans talking and others questioning how some leaders could be so oblivious to the high cost of living. 

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