The Azimio One Kenya Alliance Coalition led by the former Prime Minister Hon Raila Amollo Odinga, Narc Kenya party leader Hon Martha Karua and a section of the team received a huge reception in Nairobi County as they held a public engagement meeting at the Kamukunji Grounds to push for the reforms just a day after Ruto Signed Finance Bill.

During the event, the crowd Started chanting Raila’s name after the Embakasi East Constituency Member of Parliament Hon Babu Owino asked them if they will support the Kenya Kwanza coalition government or the push for reforms through procession. The Raila chants disrupted his speech and he was forced to calm them down.

He sent a plea to them to support the Azimio One Kenya Alliance Coalition team because they stand a pillar to break through the political leadership and fight for the deserved change and lowe the high cost of living.

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