Nyali National assembly legislator Mohammed Ali popularly known as Jicho Pevu has expressed fears over his life, after unknown people raided his Nyali office on Sunday night, June 26. 

Speaking to the press, MP Ali claimed that the raid was undertaken by state agents who fired gunshots in the air during the raid. 

He claimed that his rivals were using police to slam breaks over his political bid. He questioned how goons could raid his office, directly opposite the office of the Deputy County Commissioner (DCC).

“You are a very rich person we know that but we are poor and rich at heart. We shall fight you with our richness in our hearts until the last man standing. Continue using the police protection but the people of this county will assure that we bring a revolution so that we can save Mombasa county…,” stated Jicho Pevu.

He further alleged that the invaders were after specific documents that he holds. Mombasa Director of Criminal Investigations Barasa Walumoli, however, dismissed the claims maintaining that the incident was a pure case of theft. 

Walumoli added that the detectives guarding Ali’s office fired at the goons who narrowly escaped. Mombasa Gubernatorial aspirant, Hassan Omar at the same time warned that the police will be held accountable should anything happen to Jicho Pevu.

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