President William Ruto has seemingly reneged on one of the primary campaign promises he used to charm Kenyans on his way to State House.

One of the major campaign promises that his election bid was premised on is the creation of a hustler fund that would be used to help small-scale farmers to better their business fortunes and grow economically.

During the campaigns, President Ruto promised that no Kenyan will be charged interest for the loans they will access from the Hustlers fund.

“Kenya Kwanza we’ll dignify the business of every ordinary Kenyan. That is why we are setting up a Sh50 billion hustler fund so that every business enterprise can access interest-free credit to facilitate their growth and hence support more livelihood,” Ruto said ahead of the August 9, polls.

“The money that will be borrowed from the Hustlers Fund will strictly be used by the small and medium enterprises to upgrade their businesses.

Let no one think that the government will give them free money, there has never been free funds from the State,” Ruto Sunday.

“If you borrow money from the Hustlers Fund, you’ll plunge it into business, and refund the government at an interest rate below 10 per cent per annum.” 

The turn of events has left Kenyans reacting to the incident with others fearing that it could be another laptop project.

By Nairobi leo

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