Siaya Senator James Orengo has told off those opposed to his bid for governorship saying he is best suited to succeed Governor Cornel Rasanga.

Mr Orengo said his eyes were on running Siaya county affairs.

While making the remarks during the Azimio la Umoja campaigns in Ugunja, the ODM legislator disputed his critics’ claims that he was better placed in national politics than being a governor.

“Why is it that people are coming up with a lot of criticism because I have expressed interest in this seat? Those doubting my capability should know that even at the national level, I would still outshine them even when elected as governor,” the legislator said.

He told off his critics to stop spreading propaganda that he will not deliver as a governor.

“We will get to Canaan this year, but let us ensure that our presidential candidate Raila Odinga has numbers in the National Assembly and at the grassroots,” said Orengo.

Ugunja MP Opiyo Wandayi who pulled out of the governor’s race last year threw his weight behind Orengo.

Wandayi said Orengo has what it takes to deliver Raila’s manifesto at the grassroots.

Also in the race for the Siaya governor seat is former police spokesman Charles Owino.

Owino who will be seeking to clinch an ODM ticket against Orengo has been at the forefront of criticising the senator claiming he is not fit to be governor of Siaya.

The former police boss who spoke to The Standard said Orengo should focus on national politics and forget about the governor position.

Orengo is backing EALA legislator Oburu Oginga to succeed him as senator.


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