Deputy President William Ruto on Tuesday held a crisis meeting in Mombasa after some United Democratic Alliance (UDA) aspirants were attacked by unknown people over the weekend.

Ruto is said to have held the meeting to forestall trouble over the control of UDA’s affairs including the upcoming party primaries.

The meeting follows an attack on UDA Coast Regional coordinator Mohamed Tenge and other party supporters who were escorting DP Ruto to a meeting at a politician’s house on Saturday.

Tende claimed that they were attacked by a mob that was armed with crude weapons. According to him, the attack was politically motivated and planned.

“The violence meted on us was planned and was organized by some politicians outside UDA,” Tende said.

Notable UDA officials who attended the meeting said that Ruto condemned the attack and warned that the party will not condone violence at all cost.

UDA’s National Organization Secretary Karisa Nzai also revealed that the DP used the meeting to reconcile the worrying politicians.

“The DP ironed out the differences among some politicians today and all is well now,” said Nzai.

The chaos has, however, left the party torn part with some members and aspirants now threatening to leave the party. The members feel that UDA already has its preferred candidates for various seats ahead of next year’s nominations.

Some of those aspirants who have threatened to quit the party include Abdisalam Kassim and Mohammed Bahaidar who are both seeking the gubernatorial seats under the UDA party ticket.

“I have forthwith left UDA. I will, however, be on the ballot next year,” Kassim said as reported by a local daily.

Kassim also questioned why DP Ruto chose to meet in one of their competitor’s houses instead of a public place.

While Tenge who condemned the violence noted that it was unfortunate for the party to be hijacked by those who have done less to popularize it in the Coastal region.

“It is such a pity that those of us who have used our resources to popularise the party in the Coast are being mistreated by those who have hijacked it for selfish reasons,” said Tenge.

By People Daily

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