K24 News has learnt from highly credible sources that all is not well in William Ruto’s camp following dismal performance in Kakamega, Mombasa, Kitui Rural, kacheliba and Pokot South.

Apparently, those around Ruto have called for a crisis meeting to discuss the outcomes of the mini polls in the just concluded elections.

It is said that the Kenya Kwanza fraternity are a worried lot because they sold the narrative that whoever is declared president elect would easily win 90% of the seats in the elections held on Monday. Specifically, the Kenya Kwanza leaders were confident that they would grab Mombasa and Kakamega from Raila Odinga.

More worrying according to the source is the fact that the outcomes of these elections may have long term consequences on the performance of either Raila or Ruto in case the Supreme court nullifies the election.

According to the source in Karen, they have admitted that the good performance by Azimio on these mini polls have just given their supporters hopes that indeed they can still win in case a rerun is called.

The source added that they were sure of winning since they were convinced beyond reasonable doubts that Azimio supporters would not turn out to vote since they were discouraged following the loss by Raila Odinga in the general elections.

At some point, lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi even confessed some days back that whoever was declared president elect would between Ruto and Raila would be victorious in Kakamega and Mombasa.

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