Police officers patrol along Jevanjee Gardens to thwart any planned protests by Civil Societies over the proposed Finance Bill 2023.

Kenyans will soon be seeing street demos if the recent threats by the Azimio Coalition is anything to go by. The coalition had given an ultimatum to the Kenya Kwanza team to work on some patinent matters they had raised during the bipartisan talks but things seems to have scattered.

With the ultimatum already elapsed, the Azimio Coalition yesterday revealed that they will be giving the way forward to their supporters in the course of the week on what will follow next.

Today heavy police officers were deployed to the city where they manned the Jivanjee Gardens in the CBD in what is said a move to scatter any planned protest which is being organized by some Civil societies. The protest is against the finance bill which has continued to elicit mixed reactions among Kenyans who are terming the tax proposals as punitive and ill advised.

From the live scenes at Jivanjee Gardens, a contingent of police officers drawn form the anti riot department and regular police, were seen roaming around the recreational facility in the city.

Even as this continue, Azimio alliance is expected this week to give the way forward to it’s supporters on what they will do with regard to the finance bill. Azimio leader Raila Odinga said yesterday during a press conference that they will oppose every bit of the bill because it’s ill advised and will overburden Kenyans even more.

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