Neno Evangelism founder pastor James Ngángá has opened up on why he’s normally referred to as controversial and always topping trending lists for the wrong reasons.

Ngángá, who is currently in the US, sat down with Pacific Waves for an interview where he opened up on why he is always termed as controversial.

According to the man of God, he has a very ugly past a reason why he has taken a very different route with his sermons.

“I have done so many things that some of you don’t know, I have smoked weed, I have raped, I have been in jail, I have stolen from people but now, I am serving God,” he said.

“They don’t want me to mention the spirits that are disturbing them, all they want is pastors who ask for money but don’t ask people to repent.”

Pastor Ngángá

Nganga, whose TV station Sasa TV has just been shut down by the government because of this controversial approach, went on to say that everyone is different when it comes to preaching.

“There is a cow, a goat and a sheep. All these are animals but they are all different. In the same case, we have different callings in the ministry,” he said.

“We have a fly, an insect but does not sting. I have been in the ministry, I got saved in jail after I fought my peers. The police officers tricked me to admit I had fought, and that is how my journey in jail started. Once they get in cells, they come out spoilt because of the tough life in jail. You are hardened.”

The interview comes barely hours following the closure of his TV station yesterday by the Communications Authority of Kenya for airing inappropriate content.

Through a statement signed by the Director General, Ezra Chiloba, the Neno Evangelism founder’s station would cease airing live programming for six months.

“The Communications Authority of Kenya has directed M/S Neno Evangelism Centre, a broadcaster operating as SASA TV, to stop airing live programming with immediate effect,” read part of the statement.

The pastor has topped trends for the better part of this year for sharing insensitive and abusive content, sex experiences and using vulgar language.

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