Most Opinion polls conducted in the previous year ranked the Deputy President William Ruto ahead of the former Prime Minister Raila Odinga. However, few months in political arena has doubtlessly revealed to be very significant in one’s political life depending on how smart one plays his cards.

Prior to the running mate selection period, it was crystal clear that the two presidential aspirants who are considered to be the two-horses in the upcoming polls, desperately needed the votes from Mt Kenya region in order to emerge victorious in the August General Elections.

That explains why both coalitions picked their second in command from the region which Ruto choosing Rigathi Gachagua as Raila goes for Martha Karua. But clearly, this decision came along with political influence impacted on the two coalitions. For Raila, the Opinion poll results began to shoot up. Precisely, for him it has been a boost.

Raila’s decision of picking Martha Karua has been seen beyond the limits of monopolistic politics of men in the country. Rather, it symbolically shows inclusivity of women in this country’s leadership. Because of this decision, women of this country have arguably come out to vocal out their importance in the governance and affairs of this nation.

Lately, President Uhuru Kenyatta while addressing Kenyans on the last Madaraka Day of his tenure yesterday, emphasized on the position of women and how valuable the incorporation of women can be for the future of this country.

“In August this year, if it is the wish of the people of Kenya we have a chance to elect a woman and shattering the glass ceiling by assuming the second highest office of the Republic of Kenya,” He said.

That aside, the Ukambani region has close to 1.1 million electorates. Initially, Raila seemed to wallow in a pool of dilemma in choosing between Karua and Kalonzo. To-date, the wiper Partey leader still maintains to be the Kamba kingpin and the day he ran away from Azimio coalition nightmarishly haunted Mr Odinga.

However, With the news that he has officially declared his full support to Raila-Karua ticket, it might require the Kenya Kwanza team to get back to the drawing board so they may cope up with the political pace. In your own views, do you agree with the voice of this article?

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