For the purpose of managing the number of children one desires to have, family planning is encouraged among the couples. It has helped them in managing the size of family and bring up children which they are able to provide for.

Apart from use of condoms, there are some other ways which have been proven by researchers to be effective and not posing health risk to the user.

Finally, research has brought some effective ways for family planning which include;

1. Diaphragm

According to sources diaphragm is a prophylactic gadget which is proven to be effective in birth control. For a diaphragm to be effective, it has to be used with spermicide.

2. Spermicide

Use of spermicide is one of the best ways used in birth control. It is less harmful to the user and it is proven to be more effective in birth control.

3. Sponge

The contraceptive sponge is a method of birth control which an individual that a person can acquire without prescription. It is manufactured from polyurethane foam. It contains spermicide inside of it which minimizes the chances of acquiring pregnancy.

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