The Martha Karua-led NARC Kenya party has now requested for additional 7 days to go through the draft One Kenya Alliance (OKA) coalition agreement.

The party’s National Executive Committee said it will need the stated period to review the terms of the agreement before penning the deal.

NARC-Kenya, in a statement by Secretary General Orwa Michael on Tuesday evening, said the additional time will be critical in assessing the contract and closely examining it before a decision is made.

“The National Executive Committee (NEC) resolved that it needs more time to familiarize and scrutinize the Coalition Agreement and related documentation,” said Mr. Orwa.

“The Party’s Legal Team is instructed to seek clarity on any and existing grey areas, prepare and present a detailed brief to NEC and shall meet within the next 7 days for final approval.”

The OKA allied parties; Wiper, Narc-Kenya, UDP and KANU, were initially scheduled to sign the coalition agreement on Wednesday.

However, Mr. Orwa explained that among the reasons for NARC-Kenya’s request for postponement included the recent amended Political Parties Act which he said called for legal interpretations and more scrutiny.

“The party appreciates in equal weight the pressing timelines for critical decision-making, and the need to move both expeditiously and in accordance with the Law,” he stated.

While assuring the commitment of party leader Martha Karua and the other three OKA co-principals, NARC-Kenya reaffirmed its decision to form coalitions with other partners with similar political ideologies.


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