With just one month to the general election, an IRS survey poll released today shows that Dr. William Ruto of Kenya Kwanza is the most well-liked presidential candidate in the nation.

William Ruto is also in the lead in 7 of the 12 Sub-areas when comparing the popularity of these Candidates throughout the 12 regions. The remaining five sub-regions, where former prime minister Raila Odinga is leading, are being fiercely contested by ODM and UDA candidates.

Ruto is leading in a number of the areas and sub-regions, including Mount Kenya East, where he has support of about 73.1 percent, Mount Kenya West, where he has support of approximately 66.6 percent, and Mount Kenya diaspora, where he has support of about 66.1 percent.

Other areas include the Central Rift Valley, where he receives support from roughly 81.6 percent of voters, the Maa Rift, 46.1 percent, and western Kenya, where support is at 48.3 percent. View the post below to learn how well-liked other contenders are in various regions of the nation.

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