Peter Ndwiga made sure his killer would not go unpunished. Even after being fatally shot he whispered from the grave to guide police on catching his lady killer.

Security consultant Peter Ndwiga Njiru’s decision to park his Toyota Probox KDB 506 U at a bus stop aided police and his family to act quickly in investigating his cold-blooded murder.

When His wife, Wambui Ndwiga went to report about his disappearance she found he had left a message. The towed probox was there to show things were not okay and that her husband might be in danger or dead.

The only clue to Ndwiga’s last known locations was discovered by police after his car was towed to Juja Police Station, he had parked it along the highway when he met up with rogue cop Caroline Kangogo for a quick drink at 4 pm on Monday, July 5.

This fact, aided the police and his family to discover that Ndwiga was Caroline’s second victim.

A grief-stricken wife said, “My husband was not one to sleep outside ever. That night when he did not make it back home I knew something was amiss.”

Ndwiga’s lifeless body was found lying in a bed at Hotel Dedamax, in a pool of blood oozing from a single gunshot wound on his head.

“The manner in which he died is a shock, a huge shock,” the wife said.

A post-mortem was conducted at General Kago morgue in Thika, Kiambu County revealed that Ndwiga had a single bullet wound that caused a fatal brain injury.

The lady is still on the run and it is feared that she might be planning to kill more victims. If you know her whereabouts, you are urged to report to the nearest police station.

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