University of Nairobi has made sweeping changes that will see closure of 24 colleges. The move is aimed to cut cost and increase service delivery in the higher institution of learning.

The University has trimmed the number of its colleges from 35 to only 11. The Institution has also abolished 5 Deputy Vice-Chancellor (DVC) posts. Thus, only two harmonized positions have remained and have been renamed to Associate Vice-Chancellor.

The fate of principals and deputy principals is not yet known. Their positions have been assumed by 4 executive and associate dean posts.

“The reorganized office holders will align resources to the faculties where teaching and learning take place,” UoN Council chairperson Prof. Julia Ojiambo said in a presser.

She added, “Abolished offices, merged functions and new functional positions have been aligned to the core mandate of the university.”

Despite the good intentions of the plan, it will see hundreds of teaching and non teaching staff rendered jobless.

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