A day after legendary kikuyu musician Irungu Wanjaro was found to have committed suicide in Masinga dam in what has been linked to stress caused by an outstanding loan of Kenya Shillings 700,000, chilling details of his unconventional past have come to haunt him even at his death.

The dead musician has come under condemnation for allegedly machinating to disinherit Mourine Atieno Wanjaro, the window of his brother George Wanjaro who died in February 2007.

Maurine had been married to George Wanjaro, her mathematics teacher for 6 years when he breathed his last in 2007 and all hell broke loose.

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Mourine Atieno and her late husband George Wanjaro

In a past interview, Maureen revealed that the long-standing tribal animosity between the Luo community and their Kikuyu counterparts was her greatest undoing.

Musician Irungu Wanjaro and his other relatives allegedly teamed up and blocked her from even seeing the body of her husband George Wanjaro.

” I was blocked from seeing his body the very day he passed away and that was the beginning of my fights with his family to this day”. Maurine said.

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Mourine Atieno and Lyn Ngugi in a past interview.

As if that was not enough, Maurine was not recognised as George Wanjaro’s widow during his burial.

Oblivious of her in-laws impending ill acts, all the property that George Wanjaro and Mourine had accumulated in their six years of marriage was dispossessed from her including their family car.

The heart-wrenching story of how the infamous Wanjaro family executed the injustice against Maurine Atieno Wanjaro was first brought to limelight on May 18th this year after Lyn Ngugi interviewed her.

An interview that left the nation in shock while at the same time bringing to light, the plight of widows at the hands of their inhuman and barbarous in-laws.

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Since Irungu Wanjaro’s demise became public, dozens of Kenyans familiar with how the Wanjaro family frustrated their brother’s widow have taken to social media to pity with Mourine for the agony she underwent at the hands of her unforgiving in-laws while at the same time condemning Irungu Wanjaro.

By Jalang’o TV

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