A bar attendant named Caroline Achieng have lost her life after she was caught by the police officer operating her bar past curfew hours. It was minutes past 7pm when police officers received a tip that there was bar which was still operating in Gwasi ward within Suba sub county.

Upon receiving the message, the police officers of Magunga Police station rushed to the bar and found the bar door closed. As noted on the police reports, there were nine carousers and two attendants who had locked themselves in the bar and were refusing to open the door.

After the police found a way of entering, they ordered Achieng to load a crate for them to use as an evidence in court. However, when Achieng started loading the second crate she collapsed. They rushed her to st Camilla’s hospital in Sori where she was pronounced dead.

“The waitresses had already filled up the first crate and were working on the second one when Achieng collapsed and was rushed to St Camilla’s hospital in Sori where she was pronounced dead on arrival.” police commander Anthony Njeru.

The police commander added that they managed to apprehend the remaining eight people who are still held in Magunga Police Station.

Further investigations are still ongoing, as the police and family awaits for a postmortem to be conducted to determine the cause of death.

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