Indiscipline or lack of discipline among students is something affecting the general public. The use of abusive language, disregard towards teachers, free fighting in schools, ragging strikes by students, and so forth. Can be generally seen among students. The future seems dark.

Indiscipline among pupils prompts what is going on where the students don’t pay attention to the teachers and make their own choices. They frequently take law in their hands, arrange strikes and upset the serene life.

It’s obviously true that students of today are particularly not the same as those of the generation back. Their strikes are the thing the day and often lead to the worst type of hooliganism.

A secondary teacher from Nandi district is nursing a injuries after supposedly being beaten by a Form three student, when requested to que for food.

Aldai Sub-province Police boss in articulations to media asserted the matter saying the understudy had declined to que as one of the requirements before being served, instead he began beating up his chemistry like a dog teacher, hitting him repeatedly using a sharp object on the head and the fore limb.

The media reports show that the said teacher along with a non teaching staff at Maraba Secondary School in Nandi County on Tuesday morning walked to the Aldai Sub-county education offices, protesting what they termed as insecurity at their workplace.

As indicated by the teachers, this isn’t the 1st time such a thing has happened.

“We are going to use all means to ensure that justice is served for Mwalimu. We are no lesser beings,” said Salim Bhakit, the union’s treasurer.

Police gave statement saying the suspect by the name James Mungera had gone to kitchen during lunch for food and when asked to que, he started quarreling with the teacher.

Upon cross examination, the student admitted that he was inebriated of bhang and different drugs abuse.

By Muranga newspaper

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