The public’s have been left in dismay following the recent event. South African politicians have a lot of drama, however it seems like nothing compared to Congolese politicians.

People were shocked to learn that the minister of Primary, Secondary and Secondary Education, Tony Mwaba Kazadi impregnated his deputy minister Aminata Namasia. The pair work together and feelings grew despite the fact that they are both married. They were having an affair for quite some time.

@SIKAOFFICIAL took to Twitter to break the news. They tweeted, “DR Congo’s Minister of Education, Tony Mwaba Kazadi has impregnated his Deputy Minister, Aminata Namasia in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), claiming It was an accident at work.”

Aminata took to her Twitter page to debunk the news. She stated that beyond her official and public duties, she has a life and that must be respected by all.

People don’t believe that it was a mistake because they are fully grown adults who understand the consequences of sleeping together. Their excuse that it was an accident is completely unacceptable and and insult to our intelligence.

By Ireportsouthafrica

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