Lydia Ngwiri, a secondary school teacher in Kenya and counsellor has revealed the behaviors teachers take part in with students in cover of darkness in their vehicles parked in schools.

Talking on the NTV morning show, the advisor said that girls go through unforgiving times in the hands of male teachers, however the boys also are not an exemption, she uncovered how these female teachers trick schoolboys with materialistic things and wind up hauling them to their vehicles at night for satisfaction.

The counsellor revealed that she gets cases of girls telling her that certain teachers want to engage in the act with them, this is however not the case when it comes to male students who rarely report the case. With her experience, she reports the matter to the principal who takes control of the whole issue.

Now and again, the students parents are paid off and this ended the entire process however in different cases, the matter is accounted for and the teachers are fired by the TSC. In many boarding schools, boys turn out to be victims of homosexuality and this wind up traumatizing the kid all his secondary school life.

As indicated by Ngwiri, the students ought to be shown the way how such relationships start, and if they find something fishy, they should run to the relevant school authorities and report the matter before it goes too far.

By Muranga newspaper

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