Kenyans Praise Jalang’o After He Gave Nitakufinya Guys A Job Plus Motorbikes

Today comedian Jalang’o has wowed Kenyans after he came through to help the guys behind the now viral nitakufinya guys. Hosting them today at his show, Jalang’o gave them a job courtesy of Jahazi flour and also promised them a motorbike each.

Musyoka had said that he is currently jobless. COVID-19 and lack of jobs in the area. Matendenjere on his part said that he owns a Kinyozi and salon at the slums. It is not enough to though to sustain his family. He has two wives and 9 children.

Jalang’o said that Jahazi flour will appoint the two guys as brand ambassadors. Apart from that they will also get a motorcycle each. He also shared their numbers online so that people could contribute directly to their Mpesa lines.

Jalang’o usually helps a lot of people on his show. Some of the notable people he has helped include Omosh and Lolani Kalu

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