Kenyans Warned Against Ruto’s Electric Motorbikes

President William Ruto’s launch of the new electric motobikes in Kenya garnered significant attention and excitement among Kenyans. The introduction of electric motobikes was seen as a positive step towards embracing sustainable and eco-friendly transportation options in the country. However, recent reports have surfaced, indicating that some users who purchased these electric motobikes have encountered issues with the vehicles.

Charging Problems and Durability Concerns

Several Kenyan consumers who invested in the newly introduced electric motobikes have come forward to express their dissatisfaction with the product.

One of the primary concerns raised by users is related to charging problems. It has been reported that some of the electric motobikes are experiencing difficulties with their charging mechanisms, leading to inconvenience and operational limitations for the owners.

Moreover, another issue highlighted by the users is the durability of the electric motobikes, particularly in adverse weather conditions. Some consumers have revealed that the vehicles are not able to withstand heavy rainfall, raising questions about their suitability for diverse environmental challenges in Kenya.

Consumer Response and Readiness to Return

In response to these challenges, a number of consumers have expressed their readiness to return the electric motobikes to the sellers. The dissatisfaction stems from the fact that these vehicles do not meet the expectations set by traditional petrol motobikes. The concerns raised by consumers regarding charging problems and durability issues have prompted a reconsideration of their investment in these electric vehicles.

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