Ex-Tahidi High actor Omosh Kizangila has once again been caught up in his drinking spree. This time, the popular actor has been spotted at a local club in Komarock. The actor had previously been called out by Kenyans for getting drunk with the money they contributed for him.

The issue escalated to Omosh being urged to go for rehab. But all the efforts are ending up in a cul de sac. Apart from building him a home, Kenyans had donated over Ksh 1 Million for him after his cry for help. But he proceeded to deny the same, claiming that he didn’t receive most pledges.

Additionally, Omosh’s 2nd time of asking Kenyans to help him out was turned down. However, he was lucky enough to receive a camera, tri-pod stand and a mic from singer B Classic; who believes that everyone deserves a second chance. But how many chances is Omosh really getting?

Omosh Exposed
With Paparazzi everywhere, celebrities should be on the look-out. But Omosh is always caught red-handed. The weekend escapades had him recorded by one of Edgar Obare’s students; who claimed that he was drunk, disorderly and dirty. Omosh has now been termed as an alcohol addict who needs rehab; rather than financial assistance. Below is Omosh’s video in the club;

By Ghafla

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