The three men who escaped from Kamiti Maximum Prisons were ready to die before their arrest and conviction.

Their profiles show they had all joined terror cells and were active in different roles then.

Musharraf Abdalla Akhulunga a.k.a Zarkarawi, Mohammed Ali Abikar and Joseph Juma Odhiambo a.k.a Yusuf are missing since the morning of November 15, when they are said to have escaped from the most guarded facility.

Authorities however, believe they were aided to escape.


He was charged and convicted in 2019 over his links to al-shabaab and for abetting the Garissa University attack of April 2015 that left 148 people dead.

He was among three men found guilty of being members of the Al-Shabaab terror group and accomplices in the attack were given long prison sentences.

Rashid Charles Mberesero, a Tanzanian who represented himself before the court, was given life in prison, while Mohamed and Hassan Aden Hassan, both Kenyan, were each sentenced to 41 years in prison.

The men were found to have been in constant telephone contact with four attackers before they rounded up students and faculty at the university in the early morning hours of the April 2, 2015, shooting.

Heavily armed attackers stormed Garissa University College and shot dead two security guards before aiming fire at students in their classrooms while they were preparing for exams.

Witnesses said Christians were singled out by the militants and shot.

More than 500 students managed to escape, some through a fence.


Akhulunga, who is also known as Alex or Shukri, was arrested in 2012 over a foiled attack on Kenya’s parliament and charged with possessing explosives, ammunition and firearms.

He had been arrested on September 30, 2012, over his participation in a botched attempt to conduct a terror attack targeting Parliament Buildings.

“He was charged with possession of explosives, ammunition and firearms,” the police said, a conviction which has kept him behind bars.

He hails from Ekero area of Mumias in Kakamega county.


Odhiambo was arrested on November 21, 2019 in Bulla Hawa, Somalia, while attempting to register with the al-shabaab.

He hails from Lukoye area of Mumias.

The DCI has issued a Sh60 million bounty on the heads of the three men.

Police say they are also looking for an ex-terror convict Elgiva Bwire who has been missing since October 28 when he was released from Kamiti.

He was a cellmate of the three men.

Police claimed they had received reports Elgiva promised his former friends who are serving various charges on terrorism at Kamiti Maximum Prison that he will stage an attack to free them immediately after being released.

It is understood that Elgiva, while serving his prison term maintained close contacts with radicalisation cells both in Kenya and Somalia and was actively seeking to recruit unsuspecting Kenyan youth into violent extremism and other terror related activities.

Police say they suspect he rejoined a terror cell, which he was in contact with while at Kamiti Prison.

By The Star Kenya

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