Comedian Felix ‘Jalang’o’ Odiwour has dismissed claims that he has been denied an ODM direct ticket for his Lang’ata parliamentary bid.

This is after reports emerged on the social media claiming that the former radio presenter has been told the ODM ticket will not be given to him

Jalang’o has termed the claims as false saying: “Forget the rumours. No one has been denied the ticket and no one has been given! Forget the rumours”.

Jalang’o is set to face off with Oscar Omoke Ocholla and Musali Kaiga Siong’o in the ODM’s Lang’ata parliamentary seat nominations.

The chairperson of the National Elections Board (NEB) Catherine Mumma also dismissed the reports.

He said that such rumours could have been mounted by aspirants who want to start an in-party division.

She added that the party has not yet carried out its nominations for Nairobi County.

“The ODM Party has not met to determine which candidates get its ticket in Nairobi. Being the electioneering period, candidates would use all manner of psychological warfare to try and arm-twist the party,” she said.


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