One of the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) Members of Parliament from the Mt Kenya region is most likely a mole planted in Kenya Kwanza by the rival side, Mukurweini MP John Kaguchia has said.

This, he claims, is Guthunguri MP Gathoni Wamuchomba, whom he says they have observed has been opposing almost everything proposed by President William Ruto and his administration.

The MP has said that they now suspect that she is a mole planted among them by their opponents, with the goal of undermining Ruto and his policies.

He has cited the Finance Bill, which she is publicly opposed to, and wonders why she is fighting it yet she was only recently among Kenya Kwanza MPs who were enlightened on the same in State House.

“I don’t understand why Wa Muchomba has decided to go that route but we have in the past suspected that she could be working for somebody to advance his agenda of undermining the government,” he has told The Standard.

In her response, Wamuchomba has said that the mole accusations are just an attempt to silence her for asking the tough questions.

She has claimed that recently there were attempts to silence her on her ‘One man, One vote One shilling’ policy push in Mt Kenya, but has maintained that she will not retreat and will keep pushing.

“They sent emissaries to silence me when I raised the issue of one man one vote one shilling and started accusing me of being used but I won’t remain silent in the quest to advocate for the rights of our people,” she told the same paper.

She now claims to be aware of plans to summon over her stand and remove her from parliamentary committees.

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