The Kenya Kwanza Alliance principal and Ford Kenya leader Moses Wetangula has said their coalition of parties will be seeking legal redress over ongoing SIM card registration.

This comes even as the authority clarifies that the directive to register mobile lines will only affect unregistered lines and not all users of the various network service providers as presumed before.

Wetangula faulted the government for wasting Kenyans in long queues as witnessed across the country for an exercise he said is unnecessary

“Kenyans are queuing for fuel, they are queuing for public transport, they’re queueing for everything, they’re queueing for jobs. Save Kenyans this burden and embarrassment of telling Kenyans to go and register the Sim Cards whose details you already have,” Wetangula said.

He added: “We will ask our lawyers led by Kithure Kindiki and others, if they do not stop, to go to court and stop them because it is illegal, and burdensome to Kenyans.”

The CA issued its clarifications on Saturday amid long queues witnessed in various mobile line dealers’ shops across the country where Kenyans trooped for registration.

The authority has asked Kenyans to register all unregistered mobile lines in use before April 15 or be disconnected from service.

CA Director General, Ezra Chiloba said Kenyans can confirm their registration details by dialling *106# without having to make visits to agents or other certified outlets.

Those who find that they have been registered have been advised to carry on with their usual business.

Garissa Township MP Aden Duale has also criticised the CA for its directives, claiming that CA Director general Ezra Chiloba is working with their political nemesis to their disadvantage ahead of the August 9, polls.

Duale claimed that Chiloba is collecting data and working for the deep state to facilitate their win in the August 9, polls.

“We are telling Chiloba we know you. Sooner or later we are going to monitor you. We know what you want to do on the polling day as far as the internet is concerned,” he said.


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