An unknown group of people have allegedly Sprayed several vehicles belonging to the president of Bukinafaso with Bullets for unknown reasons.

According to the reports given by a reliable source of information, it has been revealed that this happened Amid the detention of the president who is under Mutinying soldiers.

While reacting to this incident, kenyans who took to their different social media accounts to express their opinions and suggestions on the matter claimed that it was so unfortunate that this kind of thing had happened despite the fact that most African countries need to unite in order to achieve a common goal.

Leah Kim… I don’t understand why this had to happen but at the same time, i would like to know how one’s government can even do this i mean what is not happening to our African countries. We are still fighting each other like young kids instead of being one.

Kimani Muchiro… In as much as I would like to support you on this, i can’t because as you can see it’s very funny how our African leaders tend to think that they have the right to be in office until when they want to leave. It’s not okay.

Jacky… Let them do what is necessary. The government keeps on doing what they feel like doing and in as much as we don’t like this kind of things, let old leaders Vacate from their office and go home, what is not happening here, let them leave.

Okoth John… All our leaders are too old and yet they don’t want to leave office and in as much as i don’t support violence, sometimes it’s okay for one to leave anx, let Youths do their own thing. Imagine what would happen if a country is led by a youth.

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