Maribe today appeared at the Milimani Law Courts during Kimani’s murder trial, and she said she did not know Monicah during her lifetime, and she also did not talk to Jowie about Monicah in their romantic relationship.

While speaking in court, the former journalist said she only learnt about Monicah’s death while reading news about her death as a then-Citizen TV news anchor.

In her court appearance, Jacque also recounted her events on the night that the businesswoman is said to have been killed.

She said Jowie gave her a ride to Royal Media Services, where she spent her until 9.30 pm when she went to Q lounge. She recalled she watched an interview on JKL until her phone ran out of charge.

Jowie would then reach her through her colleague Monicah Kiragu on the same night at around 11.30 pm.

Girls night out

Jacque said before she left the RMS premises, she ran into former governor Sonko, who was to have an interview with Jeff Koinange.

Sonko asked me to wait, and at his request, I stayed at the station until 10 pm then went to Q-Lounge with his two handlers. We were watching his live interview on my phone until it went off,” she told the court.

She also mentioned that she had mentioned June Ndegwa, Chelangat Ruto and Anita Gumbi, who accompanied Sonko to the studio and asked her to join them for a girl’s night.

After communicating with Jowie through her colleague’s phone, she asked them to join them at Club Forty-Forty, where they went and were also joined by Sonko.

“We arrived at Club 40-40 at midnight, and the first accused joined us and sat at another table. My apologies, your honour; I forgot to mention that we made a stop at Road House to switch vehicles. We were using Chelagat Ruto’s car but she wanted to leave it at the road house, and we went and switched for Juju’s car (June),” she said.

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