Kenyan Politicians are known to be very rich, and the vehicles they drive are out of the compass of normal residents. To be aware, these are the government officials who are driving the most costly vehicles;

Evans Kidero

The previous Nairobi lead representative Dr. Evans Kidero drives a Rolls Royce vehicle. The vehicle cost the previous Mumias sugar organization CEO over Ksh. 40 million.

Rolls-Royce is a smooth and rich vehicle claimed by under 250 thousand individuals on the planet. Rolls-Royce is a quick and rich vehicle.

William Kabogo

The previous Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo, drives a fresh out of the box new defensively covered vehicle whose ongoing business sector esteem is Ksh. 45 million.

The impenetrable vehicle is the most favored vehicle for most Presidents on the planet. He obtained the vehicle in 2015, which he utilized during the 2017 missions. He likewise claims a panther F-center which costs Ksh 20 million.

Hassan Joho

Ali Hassan Joho has been seen in the roads of Mombasa with a pristine Ferrari. The games vehicle is completely convertible.

The market worth of the vehicle is Ksh. 28 million when not tweaked and arrive at Ksh. 40 million after customization.

Mike Mbuvi Sonko

The previous Nairobi lead representative has an unbeatable gold-plated Toyota V8. The vehicle, when not gold plated it costs Ksh. 16 million, however with all the customization, it costs around Ksh. 25 million.

Musalia Mudavadi

Amani pioneer claims a Toyota V8 got from a 7.62 type shot, landmine, and projectile blasts. It can likewise endure an impact, and interlopers by walking will be kept away by electric shock.

The vehicle comes total with a substantial suspension, customizable safeguards, and extraordinary aloes 18-inch wheels. The vehicle costs the previous VP Ksh. 14 million.

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