Media personality Jacque Maribe has taken to social media to possibly put out her last word on the drama revolving around her and comedian Eric Omondi over deadbeat allegations witnessed this past week.

Maribe, in a stern statement posted on Instagram on Saturday, acknowledged that both she and Omondi might have taken the situation a little too far than it should’ve gotten.

The former screen siren noted the existence of a innocent child in the middle of all the drama, calling for  respect for him.

“This is the last statement I’ll make about this never ending story. I want to be left alone. We over reacted. We might have been overwhelmed,” she wrote.

“Each of us will own our truths. There’s a child involved so let’s respect him. I can’t do this anymore. Let’s stop.”

This follows a previous post where Maribe insinuated that she would be taking a break from social media.

“Time out. Time to leave me alone. Time to get me time and be happy,” she wrote a day ago.

The drama began when Maribe intimated that Omondi had neglected his fatherly responsibilities for seven years since the birth of their child.

The comedian however later came out alleging that he was not sure he was even the child’s father, claiming he had requested Maribe for a DNA test all those years and she had turned him down.

The two have since however met and squashed the beef, publicly stating that they will– henceforth – raise the child together.

By Citizen Digital

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