It seems all did not end well between popular Kenyan socialite Amber Ray and her Sierra Leonean ex-boyfriend Ibb Kabba. The two have been throwing shade at each other since their fall out. The most recent one getting even dirtier.

Kabba who is a basket baller from Sierra Leone has come out to bash Amber Ray for what he claims is her excessive sexual urges. He claims that she wants to have sex anywhere and everywhere without minding the surrounding.

He also claims that she does not clean up. Yes, you got that right; he claims that she does not shower as much as she should. We are yet to figure out if he was speaking literally or just being metaphorical because the number of pictures Amberay has posted in bathtubs and showers tell another story.

In a post he made on his Instagram stories, he said “I feel sorry for anyone getting my ex. I hope you can clean her up, tell her to take shower all the time and stop living fake life on social media and stop having sex in the bushes. She really needs to grow up good luck to you”

He went on to add

“That’s nothing to be proud of by the way. I have been there dear am not jealous by the way. I have moved on just to clear the air”

Amberay went on to reply in her own stories by posting a meme to suggest if she is dating someone they can have sex anywhere. She captioned the story with “Life is for the living”

It is not clear what really caused the two to break just months after getting together. Maybe they were just not compatible or maybe Amberay should have listened to Kenyans who advised her not to get in bed with West African brothers.

It seems that while her ex claims to have already moved on, he still has a lot to get off his chest. And as we all know Amber, she will not shy away from an online war with anyone.

Amberay got into this relationship quickly after her separation from Jimal Rohosafi that took Kenyans by surprise. The Kenyan social media sensation has been the subject of all manner of scandals in Kenyan.

The latest one being questions over whether she artificially enhanced her body parts. She was quick to dismiss such claims in a recent interview with Oga Obinna on his YouTube show. She claimed she is all natural and that’s just how they come from Kambaland.

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