Yesterday was not a particularly good day for Kalonzo Musyoka. The presidential hopeful has never felt slighted like he did yesterday. A day that was supposed to end with him showcasing his ability to bring Kamba votes on the bargaining table ended showing of a man being frustrated at home and away.

Kalonzo might have been surprised to see Uhuru turn up with Raila on tow. Kalonzo had not been invited to Kisumu when the duo launched a myriad of projects. He hoped today would be his date day. A moment he would savour with the most sought out person in the country right now.

Every politician in Kenya wants to be associated with Uhuru. Even TangaTanga faction crave for the presidents love and affection. They might say they have moved away from their palatial home to UDA – a house under construction but their actions betray them. Whenever Ruto shares a platform with the head of state, they get giddy and the pictures circulated online to no end.

Kalonzo had few weeks ago categorically said that he will never work with Raila Odinga again. He has supported him for 10 years making him be jobless for the first time since 1986. Kalonzo has always been in government until he started his friendship with Raila. Even in 2007, when he vied for presidency he ended up becoming vice president. In 2005, when he joined Raila to oppose the proposed constitution he was relieved of his ministerial position but still remained an MP.

To see Raila tagging along the president made sure that Kalonzo will not seize the moment. Both of them had to act friendly to each other because they are angling to be endorsed by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

As if having Raila around was not enough, Ukambani governors decided to humiliate Kalonzo. In protocol they send him to the periphery. An afterthought. Kivutha got a lot of heat from his electorate for what he, Mutua and Ngilu did. You can read the comments from the post below.

In all fairness that was cheap politics from the three governors. All of them in one particular point in time they have used Kalonzo for political gains. Despite their current job descriptions, Kalonzo still remains Kingpin of lower eastern region. They should ask themselves, even after presenting themselves for courtship why is Kalonzo being the only one courted?

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