The Wealthy Machakos witchdoctor, Annah Mutheu has reported a case at KBC police station in Tala Machakos county that there are several people posing as clients to extort her of her hard-earned wealth.

Speaking to K24 Digital, the 42-year-old witch doctor claims she recorded the statement after several people posing as clients threatened to expose her to the media if she does not agree to their terms and conditions. 

“There are several people who are conning Kenyans using my name and they want to work with me to continue with their business of conning Kenyans,” Mutheu said.

Through an OB in our possession, Mutheu complained that there are over 30 people who are using her name to con Kenyans, lamenting that the said people have posted her video on YouTube and have given their contact details in the said video which Mutheu claims is fake. 

Mutheu claims that over 100 people have gone to her workplace in Machakos complaining that her medicine did not work; not knowing that they have been conned.

“Hundreds of Kenyans have been conned using my name by people who are mimicking my Kamba accent. I have reported the matter to the police” she revealed.

“I realized they have been dealing with conmen when they said they have been offered medicine by my people since I do the job myself. No one helps me or works for me,” she added.

She narrated how a young lady who went to her office in Tala claimed she separated from her boyfriend and she wanted Mutheu’s medicine to get him back.

Mutheu claims that the said young lady purported to be working with a famous TV station in the country. 

The millionaire witch doctor who owns the latest Landcruiser and beautiful home located in Tala town is not at peace since she reported the matter to the police.

“The police have not arrested the culprits and I am getting worried since more people are showing up to claim I treated them without success. My medicine works,” she lamented.

Sourced from K24 digital

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