Danger now lurks at the Thwake Bridge after suspected scrap metal dealers  began removing bolts and nuts from the bridge’s mooring. 

Locals suspect the vandals are targeting the bridges’ metal bars for sale in the back market. The bridge is a critical component that connects Kathiani and Kangundo sub-counties 

Worried residents raised the alarm after making the discovery, and are now apprehensive that the bridge may come apart if no action is  taken. 

Local led by Thomas Wambua, a BodaBoda rider,   told the media that they normally use the bridge, which has lately become shaky, thanks to the vandalism. 

Kathiani MP Robert Mbui visited the bridge and said that everybody should be involved in ensuring the criminals are arrested and brought to book.

He likened the vandals to terrorists or murderers, saying the compromised bridge was likely to cause a terrible accident if the vice is now reined in. 

Mary Kamau, the Kathiani District County Commisioner, has  issued a  stern warning, saying those arrested will be treated like terrorists. 


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