Cabinet Secretary for InteriorFred Matiang’i has put social media users on notice ahead of the next General Election.

The CS said the social media users are abusing the internet with vulgar language and insults while spinning fake news.

He warned social media users that as much as Kenya is a democratic country, people should exercise caution on how they exercise their freedoms.

“The consequences of exceeding this freedom will be met with equal force,” Matiangi said.

Further, the Interior CS said that the country is ready to face the polls and is even more prepared than before having learnt from earlier elections.

Matiang’i said he is looking forward to an election where no bullet will be fired, and no citizen will be displaced or property destroyed.

“This forthcoming election will be a monumental one because there will be a transition.

“We shall have the biggest number of youths taking part in this elections but we must remain on peaceful,” Matiang’i cautioned.

At the same time, the CS said one of the biggest challenges facing the country at the moment is the coronaviruspandemic which has continued to wreck havoc in the country.

“We have lost many people. I have lost more than 10 chiefs across the country, trained educators and spiritual leaders. The threat is there and we should take all precautions to stop the disease,” Matiang’i said.

He further said that the ban on public gatherings should not be politicised as it was instituted for the public good.

“We are Africans and there is a way we mourn or celebrate.

“It’s actually very painful for us to issue a decree stopping the gatherings. It’s the biggest frustration in modern history,” Matiang’i said.

The CS was speaking at a youth forum at Jumuiya Centre in Limuru accompanied by CAS Zack Kinuthia, Health CAS Dr Mercy Mwangangi and Trade CAS David Osiany. He termed them as youthful leaders.

Sourced from Standard Media

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