Exuberant Moses Kuria, the Gatundu South MP, is a tenacious politician adept at tackling any political hot potato.

But his political skills came painfully short last month when his electric blanket left him with serious burns requiring a long hospital stay and an even lengthier route to recovery.

A much relieved Kuria, who was admitted at the Karen Hospital since September 27, spent hours of in theatre as doctors cleaned and treated the wounds.

“God is merciful. Just came out of the theatre successfully! We praise His Name,” he wrote on his Twitter account moments after the surgery.

Kuria got in trouble while warming himself with an electric blanket.

The MP even joined his fellow politicians in issuing a press statement on the ongoing voter registration exercise.

“The Mt Kenya Unity Forum led by Mt Kenya spokesperson Hon Martha Karua visited me and wished me quick recovery,” Kuria wrote.

“We also held a press conference and announced the launch of the Seven-To-Ten Project whereby we will mobilise three million new voters to register in Mt Kenya region and the Mt Kenya diaspora,” he added.

Kuria did not feel the severe burns for a while and did not get treatment immediately.

Some patients with such dangerous burns require amputation of the toes and or skin grafts. Kuria’s treatment was not disclosed.

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