Kenyan Woman Masterminds Killing Of Her Dutch Husband

Two weeks ago Kenyans woke to a story of a lady who had suffered the hands of her abductors. The lady had made a distress call to the authorities and when they came over it was like a scene from the movies. She had been tied up on car steering wheel and keeping her company was her terrified two children.

When the police detectives went to her home, they found it to be an homicide scene. Her husband of 13 years had been tied up in their master bedroom and killed in an horrifying manner. The watchman had been beaten up and was unconscious. He later passed on from the hospital.

Police now believe Cherono Riziki Ali killed her husband Herman Rouwenhorst, a Dutch businessman. They believe she lied when she said that she had been driven away from the house by unknown abductors.

Apart from the dead watchman, there was no sign of forced entry to the building. This led to the police suspecting inside job. Later two witnesses confessed against Cherono. The two will testify against her when she goes on trial.

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