Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko while interacting with his fans on Facebook showed a sneak peek of his expansive and deluxe bedroom.

As seen in the video , the room is filled with expensive designer shoes arranged neatly in rows on long white coloured shelves fixed on the opposite sides of the walls.

On the far end of the room, between the shelves lies a king-size, gold-en-crusted bed that is also neatly spread.


Sonko’s expensive and expansive bedroom elicited mixed reactions on social media.

Some of his followers drooled over the room’s expensive décor, saying were they not financially deprived, they could have likely furnished their houses.

Some of his fans hilariously tagged the Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) which declared a crackdown on Kenyans displaying lavish lifestyles on social media but paying little taxes.
Sonko’s other followers wondered why the former county boss had situated his shoes in the bedroom instead of placing them in another room.

Some termed the bedroom a recording studio as he is now famous for secretly taping phone conversations and, in turn, leaking them out with the most recent one being an explicit video that showed his female friend in a compromising situation.
Some, seemingly jealous fans, dismissed the governor’s riches saying all were vanity.

Mike Sonko Displays Splendid Bedroom Filled with Impressive Shoe Collection, Kingly Bed
Here are comments sampled by TUKO.co.ke:
John Orimbo questioned:

“With all those millions, why do you share a bedroom with shoes? Mike Sonko. I’m talking to you son.”

Jane Githinji said:

“KRA, hope you are still watching this.”

Carol Blessed said:

“Yote ni vanity let’s seek God too hii yote itapita (All is vanity, let me seek Gog).”

Dalvin Patt said:

“Wee aki pesa wew n sisi tunatoka nyuma ya curtain kama theatre (Some of our houses are separated

by curtains).”

Susan Keter said:

“A closet for shoes and clothes would have been helpful.”

MCdor Tila said:

“A whole Sonko sharing bedroom with shoes.”

Prince Pope said:

“While hundreds of other families are squizzing up in Huruma and Kibera slums. The power of capitalism.”

Mwari George said:

“Anafaa kuwa na shoe room (he needs to have a shoe room)”

Gold plated
In the middle of the bedroom, where the politician was doing his live interaction, there are two chairs and a table that are all, seemingly gold plated.
The floor is covered wall to wall with a royal, red carpet that gives the room the illusion of a palace.

The colossal bedroom is also fitted with the most unique and costly creamy coloured décor.

Source: Tuko

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