After Boniface Mwangi’s highly sensational claims against Machakos governor Alfred Mutua, the politician has finally responded.

In a long demand letter written by his lawyers, J. Harrison Kinyanjui & Co Advocates, Mr. Mutua denied the claims made by the political activist against him in two videos that circulated earlier this morning.

After Mr. Mutua’s strenuous denials of all of Mr. Mwangi’s allegations, the governor’s lawyers made 5 demands towards Mr. Mwangi that should be adhered to before the close of business today.

They are below:

  1. That you retract and pull down all of the said libelous and defamatory publications, concerning Mr. Mutua in the same prominent manner that he did spreading the allegations.
  2. That he publishes an apology which is acceptable to us in the manner approved by our client.
  3. That at your expense, you publish an apology in wording and in a manner approved by our client, and in the same prominence as the offending publications.
  4. That you pull down from the internet and any other web-based resource or archive where the said publication has been stored, posted or is stored, and you provide a certificate to our client of such pulling down of the publication.
  5. That you undertake in writing that you will not publish any further defamatory material in like manner or related to the offending article herein complained of.

The demand letter added that if Mr. Mwangi didn’t comply with what their client had stated, they would be forced to set in motion legal measures for redress.

The letter also stated that the client will seek and pursue ancillary relief and damages (meaning money).

Source: Mpasho

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