Passaris, who was reacting to leaked explicit videos by the former Nairobi boss that showed a female friend in a compromising situation, said Sonko has been using social platforms to abuse women.

“Am calling on the DCI…as a country you can block all the social media platforms of that man that has terrorised women in this country with his low self-esteem character,” she said.

Think Before You Post on Social Media, Esther Passaris Advises after Sonko’s expose

While reacting to her proposal, social media users claimed the politician was moving with speed to block Sonko from exposing their conversations, if all there were any.

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The netizens, in turn, unearthed a recorded WhatsApp conversation that emerged on social media between a man believed to be Sonko and a woman thought to be Passaris.

Seeking money
The damning recorded conversation first emerged in 2019 after the two politicians publicly clashed during the Madaraka Day celebrations at Pumwani police grounds in Nairobi.

In the recorded Whatsapp phone call, the lady, presumably the Woman Rep, could be heard bragging to the man thought to be Sonko, about a political strategy she gave to Opposition leader Raila Odinga, shortly before she disclosed she needed some financial assistance.

“I went for a strategy meeting, and I was given some strategy which I told baba (Raila) to use..and baba listened to me. He used the strategy at the Jakaranda, ok?

And baba has already told someone, a relative of his that this one is now going to be my kingpin in Nairobi…So tomorrow at seven o’clock; we are going to see him (Raila); I want to go with half a million, everybody is going with KSh 500,000, but me I do not have the money,” the lady said.

In between the call, the conversation was interrupted by another caller before the lady continued to explain how she was expecting help from some guy who she referred

to as Pius and who was not willing to assist, at which point Sonko agreed to help.

“I will give you KSh 500,000 today…when are you going to see baba (Raila)?” Sonko inquired. “Seven in the morning tomorrow,” she replied. “Okay, I will give you KSh 500,000 today,” he assured.

The two then agreed she will send her personal assistant who she identified simply as Bush to collect the cash before 3pm.

The conversation then quickly graduated from asking for financial assistance to a political campaign during which the lady offered to work with and support Sonko.

As the conversation neared the end, the lady, presumably excited after receiving the help she was looking for, offered to love Sonko more, to which he said he did not need the love.

“Let me tell you I must love you a lot..” she said. To which Sonko replied: “For now let me say I do not want you to love me because I have my wife.. let the sins you and I have done in the past remain as such..Do not love me but I will still help you”.

Source: Tuko

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