A s3x tape which has now garnered thousands of views across all platforms due to the captivating nature of the video drawing the attention of members of the public ultimately making it become viral in the process.

As of this moment of computing this reports, Currently, the following tags “Porta Potty Dubai Video” are toping the charts of trends across all social media platform, unsurprisingly here’s why.

Lekki, Lagos Nigeria Girls and Dog Video Of Dubai Porta Potty Story, Twitter, GisloverSocial media is at it yet again this time around, as yet another sex scandal videos has surfaced on all social media platforms such as the widely known Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, but this s3x tape this time around doesn’t quite seems to follow the trends of others that were leaked in time past but rather a totally different dimension on its own as it Involves a human engaged in the sexual act with an animal.

The viral Sex tapes which has now received a large number of negative reactions has to do with a young lady popularly referred to Porta, currently inhabitating in the city of Dubai engaging in a sexual acts likely not to be found anywhere else of which was exposed by a close friend.

Porta Potty Dubai Stories Twitter Video

This disclosure was made by a close friend who has chosen to remain anonymous right until this very moment where she noted that in her thirst and hunger to also live the luxurious lifestyle of her friend has shared her experience. According to the disclosure made by her, she embarked on a trip to Dubai with an all paid expenses taken care of by this particular friend in question.

She further went on to add that, after spending over a week in the city her wealth were multiplied by 4, though she was also mindful to note that didn’t just came easy as why she performer the duty of an escorts to high class citizens, she was mostly assaulted.

In her story she noted that this very friend of hers is just only 22 years of age but already drives and cruise around in a 2011 CL550 and as well as having a property in Condo in
Newport Beach. She added that she admired those stuffs and wanted her friend to put her through of which she promise to.

Fast-forward to the Christmas festive period where she informed me she would be in need of 3 girls for the weekend at St. Bartz for a weekend which ultimately had to be a prostitution duty. She added that she had her STD TEST which returns negative and in no time at all she was already on her way to Dubai having been transferred the sum of $8000.

Subsequently, on her arrival she was logged in an hotel for two nights of which she was paid yet another $10,000 while being promised to be settled the remaining $30,000 after she might have been done with her task. Later that night, they embarked on a yatch, herself, the friend in question and another girl to sum up the being 3 in numbers alongside 9 other Arabian guys of which we drank wine to our excitement.

An hour later, we were instructed by a servant present on the yatch to move into our separate rooms and lie on the bed naked. After which 3 of the Arabian men walked into my room of which I presume they did with the other girls to have a taste of me. After messing with them with c*ms all over her face, she thought it was all going to end there only for the 3 guys to escort her to the shower to start peeing on her.

The following day happens to be a much more worse experience as the servants brought to our notice of today being the most important night. This time around they didn’t just c*m on my face as they did in previous times, rather this time around they were defecating on her all over her body including her mouth forcing her to throw up.

Unfortunately for her, after such an horrible adventure she was set to depart the city only to be informed about the fact that she wouldn’t be getting paid the amount due to her worth $30,000 as she didn’t followed through with her directives.

But she was still pleased to have got $10,000 from this and vowed not to get herself engaged in such an adventure as this where she noted “THIS BUSINESS IS NOT FOR ME” Nik, thanks for getting it in my head that it is ok to be a Porta Potty because it’s not. I don’t know how these girls do it over and over. Not worth the money or self-resp”. She voiced in anger.

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