The DP said that most of the names of the voters removed were from his backyard.

Deputy President William Ruto on Thursday, June 2, claimed that close to a million voters had been removed from IEBC’s voter register.

Speaking during a meeting with European Union ambassadors, the DP said that most of the names of the voters removed were from his backyard.

Dr. Ruto further claimed that there were some public officials who were chest-thumping that they had they the ‘deep state’ to manipulate the elections.

The DP asked the EU to and the concerned parties to get details from the IEBC on how the names of the voters disappeared from the register.

“We expect that everybody who is concerned including EU to try and get as much detail as possible both from the electoral commission and these public officials on what all this is all about and how did close to a million names disappear from the register,” the DP said.

“And many of those names are people from what we consider our strongholds. So there’s a clear attempt to try some monkey games,” he added.

The DP remarks come after IEBC chairman on Thursday insisted that no names had been removed from the voter register.

He said that the register was undergoing audit and the report of the audit shall be made public before the register is gazetted on June 9.

“As a commission we shall account for each and every Kenyan who has registered to vote and not data has been lost or will be lost,” Chebukati said.

By Nairobi leo

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