The embattled Siaya County Deputy Governor William Oduol has now been removed from office by way of impeachment.

Mr. Oduol has been impeached after 42 Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) unanimously adopted the report of the special committee that was established to investigate the grounds for which a motion of impeachment was tabled against him on June 29, 2023.

The impeachment motion was moved by East Asembo Ward MCA Gordon Onguru who accused the Deputy Governor of gross violation of the Constitution, abuse of office and misuse of public resources among other claims.

The special committee, in a report tabled on the floor of the House by its Chairman and Yimbo East Ward MCA Francis Otiato, said it found the claims to be substantiated and recommended impeachment of the DG.

During the deliberations on the report, Siaya MCAs – one after the other – supported Mr. Oduol’s removal accusing him of being a dishonest leader who was only out to advance his selfish gains.

They stated that the differences between Mr. Oduol and his boss Governor James Orengo had become irreparable to an extent that they cannot continue working together, hence the need for him to be sent home to give the county chief room to deliver proper services to the people.

Some of them also accused the Deputy Governor of character assassination, adding that he had not only dented the image of Governor Orengo, but also those of the MCAs that he accused of having been compromised.

MCAs from Alego/Usonga Constituency stated that Mr. Oduol’s wrangles with his boss had become a thorn in their flesh, saying that the whole war had placed them in very bad light.

The matter was then put to question by Siaya County Assembly Speaker George Okode before the members unanimously approved the report by way of roll call, thereby removing the Deputy Governor from office.

After Mr. Oduol’s impeachment, the Siaya County Assembly will write to the Senate giving information on reasons for which they took the move.

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