Elizabeth Mueni, the woman who went viral after selling Deputy President William Ruto roasted maize, has accused the DP of failing to keep his word.

Speaking on Thursday, November 4, the Machakos woman mentioned that ever since she met the Deputy President three months ago, none of the promises the second in command made to her has been fulfilled. 

She stated that when she met the DP, she knew her life was going to change for the better and that Ruto promised to build her a home, expand her business and take her daughter back to school. 

“When I sold the Deputy President maize, it was my prayer that my situation was going to change entirely. When I heard he was here, I knew it was the end of my troubles,” Mueni stated. 

DP Ruto and a Mama Elizabeth Mueni enjoy a light moment on Friday, July 9, 2021

DP Ruto and a Mama Elizabeth Mueni enjoy a light moment on Friday, July 9, 2021KENYANS.CO.KE

Mueni, however, mentioned that it still remains a dream, and her prayer has not changed despite her attempts to reach out to the Deputy President remaining largely unsuccessful.

She pointed out that since her chance meeting with the DP, her efforts to get hold of him on call, text messages or via social messaging app, WhatsApp, has proven an uphill task.

She narrates that she has gone to the extent of sending the DP her photos on the messaging app in order to make him remember her, but no response has been forthcoming.

Mueni says that despite going to DP Ruto’s home and narrating all her problems to him, she is yet to have any of the promises fulfilled.

“I even wrote him a letter and gave my daughter to take it to him. She hoped that the Deputy President would read the letter and send her to school but that was not the case.

“After a long wait, my daughter came back and told me there was no hope. She said that she would go back to Kisii to continue working as a house help, so that she can support me financially.

“I begged my daughter to wait but since there was no response, she gave up, and ran away from home to go continue working as a house girl,” Mueni tearfully narrated.  

While narrating her situation amidst tears, the woman urged the DP to remember her and honour his bottom up model which is about uplifting the struggling people in the society. 

“When I came to your home Ruto, you promised to change my life. You promised to take my daughter to school. You promised to build me a home, and I believed my life was going to change. You promised me all that but three months down the line, I am still where I was.

“I am returning my cry to you. What happened? People laugh at me and I have even lost customers. My job is even worse than it was when I met you. Why can’t you help me? 

“You have the bottom up vision, but do you really know what bottom up is? I am where you left me. Everyone was happy to see my photos with you, but you just vanished after that,” Mueni cried. 

Notably, Mueni’s mother mentioned that they had become the town’s laughingstock, mentioning that people have been ridiculing them for being misused by politicians. 

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