A man who is reported to have been working in the Star Hotel that collapsed in Muranga has finally opened up about the incident revealing how he missed death after he allegedly fell asleep in one of the hotels in the region where they had gone to take lunch.

According to the reports given by the man who has been identified as Stephen Musembi, he revealed that he went out to take lunch with his three friends. However, after getting back to work, they realized that one of their friends who had fallen asleep after lunch couldn’t be found.

For this reason, they decided to go and look for him. This according to him was the main reason why he cheated death claiming that they had just stepped out of the building only for him and his friend to see and witness the whole building coming down.

In an incident that happened a few days ago, a building collapsed in Muranga killing 6 people. According to the reports given by the witnesses, they claimed that the building started shaking before the whole thing crumbled. However, two people who were in the building are yet to be found.

This is happening at the same time when police officers from Muranga have revealed that they are currently searching for the owners of the building who have allegedly gone missing. According to the reports given by police, they revealed that the suspects who are yet to be found were using wrong materials despite the fact that they were advised not to.

Due to this reason, police officers have revealed that they are currently searching for the suspects urging kenyans who might know about their whereabouts to make sure they report them at the police station for more investigation and questioning over the incident.


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