According to Ms Wambua, the LSK president assaulted her during a meeting held on Monday, July 12.

This comes in the backdrop of a fierce war of words that had erupted between Havi and Wambua barely two days ago. 

LSK Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mercy Wambua.
LSK Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mercy Wambua.

The leadership wrangles within the society publicly soared on Friday, July 9 after Havi, in a press statement, called out Wambua for preventing plans for a planned audit on the use of allocated funds.

Havi read at the society’s headquarters in Nairobi and accused Wambua of being in office illegally and colluding with financial institutions to deny members statements of expenditure. 

The LSK President further claimed that Wambua failed to alter signatories to banks in which accounts of the society are registered.

According to Havi, the society’s efforts to access bank statements were frustrated and this consequently compromised the planned internal audit. 

It is alleged that this failure could be traced to deliberate acts by Wambua. A previous conclusion by members to have her on compulsory leave failed as she rebuffed instructions to vacate office.

Havi claimed that the CEO had made over Ksh 70 million worth of transactions devoid of both standard procedure and the approval of members. 

The LSK lead further alleged that Wambua operated a mobile pay bill number through which millions of shillings were received without the council’s knowledge, further alluding to the rogue nature of operations.

“It is evident that there is an entrenched relationship between Mercy Wambua and officers in all banks where accounts of the society are domiciled,” Havi stated.

But Wambua brushed off Havi’s claims, stating that the allegations were false. 

She maintained that her stay in office was legally sanctioned after the courts revoked a proposition that would have her out on compulsory leave. Wambua added that accusations of ‘lost’ funds were unsubstantiated.

LSK President Nelson Havi
President of the Law Society of Kenya Nelson Havi in Nairobi in February 2020.


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