Willie Malile Poised To Become The Next Kibwezi East MP

Every election period has its own intrigues and surprises. 2022 elections is no different in Kibwezi East. Once described as a Wiper Party stronghold, the area has now decided to vote for an independent candidate Willie Malile.

Willie Malile is not being voted in because of party apathy. He is being voted in because Wiper bungled its party nominations. Despite every opinion poll pointing out that Malile was leading, the party decided to reward the incumbent with a direct ticket. That decision infuriated residents of Kibwezi East because Malile is known as an activist, performer and philanthropist. The incumbent has been ranked among least performing MPs in the country.

Residents of Kibwezi East begged Malile to vie as an independent. They wanted someone who will lobby for national resources to be brought to the and also a better patron for the NG-CDF kitty. Kibwezi residents were tired of someone who was answerable to Party leader instead of people who voted.

Latest opinion poll shows that Malile did the right thing to answer call of his people. He is heading for a clear win if he maintains the momentum.

Many people who support Malile say it is because he is approachable. He is someone who will listen to every person without favouritism. You do not need an invitation or appointment to see Malile. Just call him and he will help you right away.

Malile will be the first MP to be elected as an independent candidate in Kibwezi East. It will be a befitting gesture for the man who fought to have the constituency gazetted.

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