Kitutu Chache MP Richard Onyonka has strongly defended Raila Odinga’s presidential bid stating that the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) leader did not lose the previous presidential elections fairly. 

In a Monday, September 13 live TV interview, Onyonka claimed Raila is more popular than his FORD Kenya party leader Moses Wetangula and Amani National Congress (ANC) boss Musalia Mudavadi. 

“In 2002 Raila would never walk in Kisii, we used to throw stones at him. Right now Raila is a hero in Kisii. If Musalia and Wetangula who are my fellow members in One Kenya Alliance (OKA) were to go to Kisii, Raila would have more people than them,” Onyonka said. 

According to the legislator, Kenyans of good faith have always given Raila the credit he deserves given the alleged political mistakes of the ODM leader. 

“Kenyans including people from Kisii believe they are not finished with Raila because he never lost the elections fairly, it is a matter that we are always hoodwinking,” Onyonka said. 

During the heated debate, Onyonka accused the vote rich Mt Kenya region of political hypocrisy, pointing out that the conversation on what exactly transpired in the two elections where Raila lost is rarely revisited. 

“What made Raila not to become President? We never discuss that. How many votes did Raila have? How many people has Raila worked for in Central Kenya? Who nominated Isaac Mwaura as an ODM MP? Who was behind Rachel Shebesh’s political career? Onyonka posed. 

“How many people from the Kikuyu community has Raila supported? Jaramogi worked with Jomo Kenyatta and the issues which were there at that time are the issues Hustler Nation are trying to pick. These are the same issues that got Jaramogi punished, they are the same issues that got Raila punished and led to Tom Mboya’s death. These are the issues that Raila has been fighting against for the past 50 years,” Onyonka said. 

The MP further took a stab at Kenyans and politicians who claim that Raila is neither welcomed nor loved by Central Kenya residents. 

“Central Kenya residents do not have to love Raila. They just have to know what Raila has done for this country. That nonsense has to stop. This is the demonization SK Macharia has been speaking about. The people who are calling Raila a demon, a mganga,” Onyonka fired.   

By People Daily

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